From December 2014



I have had the privilege to be able to meet with world leaders from varying backgrounds to see how God was taking their little piece of earth they live in, dedicating it to the Lord and seeing Him move.  The key that I believe each has in common is that people are no longer viewing their lives as separate, between church and secular, but they are openly adopting their workplaces as their ministries.  They are believing that God has a great plan for them, their companies, its clients and the community.

I hope that we can gain encouragement from Ed Silvoso’s book, “Transformation” and see how Jesus put so much emphasis on ministry in the Market Place, “Jesus was born and educated in the marketplace, where He was recognized as a carpenter, a highly respected occupation at the time. His parables and teachings all have to do with marketplace issues.  In Anointed for Business I (Ed Silvoso) list the subject of those parables, and they are all marketplace related:

  • Construction (Matt. 7:24-27)
  • Wine making (see Luke 5:37-38)
  • Farming (see Mark 4:2-20)
  • Treasure hunting (see Matt. 13:44)
  • Ranching (see Matt. 18:12-14)
  • Management and labor (see Matt. 20:1-16)
  • Family-owned businesses (see Matt. 21:28-31)
  • Hostile takeovers (see Luke 20:9-19)
  • Return on investments (see 25:14-30)
  • Futures market (see Luke 12:16-21)
  • Crop yield (see Mark 13:27-32)
  • Management criteria (see Luke 12:35-48)
  • The value of research (see Luke 14:24-35)
  • Misuse of money and bankruptcy (see Luke 15:11-16)
  • The advantage of leverage (see Luke l6:1-13)
  • Venture capital in high-risk situations (see Luke l9:11-27)

Furthermore, Jesus recruited His disciples in the marketplace. The Church was born in the marketplace when the Holy Spirit fell on the Disciples in a private residence and the first 3,000 members were saved and baptized in the marketplace. Consider that sixty-eight out of the sixty-nine divine interventions recorded in the book of Acts took place in the marketplace. In fact, everything we call “church” today was deeply embedded in and disseminated all over the marketplace because its members took the presence and the power of God to the marketplace 24/7. This is why in my definition of marketplace (the combination of business, education and government) I do not include church as a fourth entity. Doing so will reinforce the misbelief that the Church is an organization instead of being the organism created by God that needs to permeate the marketplace.”

I pray that we can begin to see each person that loves Christ to adopt their street and businesses and invite Jesus to come in.  If we live a life blessing the world we live in, the city will be lifted up (Proverbs 11:11).

Chris Bassett is the Pastor at Hidden Valley Worship Center.