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Praying with Perspective

Chris Bassett

Many of us have established a habit or spiritual discipline of prayer in one form or another.  These prayers may range from the desperate cries to God when our lives feel so pressured that we can’t stand to bear it anymore to the grateful and praising prayers that give God honor, praise and adoration.  The psalms reveal both extremes and both are gladly welcomed to God, along with everything in between.  As we see in the Bible, prayer is often a reflection and a cry concerning circumstances and situations.  I have found that most people I talk to spend most of their time in prayer about these specific issues.

I would encourage us all to think about how we pray and from what perspective we cry out to God from.  Most of us call unto God for needs, or for worship, but I believe that God has asked us to pray from a different perspective.  As a Christian I have been given the most wonderful and powerful gift, the Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit dwells within me and is a part of my every moment, leading, guiding and directing me.  We must all recognize that at salvation, we all received the Spirit of Christ.  When we pray, many of us pray as if Holy Spirit was not there, or if God was distant or far away from our moment of need.

We are reminded that when we pray from the place of knowing, and sensing that He is within us, we will pray very differently than when we think we are alone.  Our prayers are now asking God for His perfect will to move us individually, and for Him to change us in order to meet the challenges that are in our path.  His perfect love and mercy will always protect us, and we can pray according to the will of God, not just according to our needs.

God is working in our County and I believe that as we pray from a perspective of fearless power in the Holy Spirit, we will see God’s kingdom come to Earth as it is in Heaven. I am convinced that through dedicated believers praying in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see a mighty unleashing of His goodness, love and grace!  Please partner with other believers in prayer for Bonner County at www.bonnercountyprayer.com.